Screen Printing vs Label Sticker: Which Logo is Best for You

Screen Printing vs Label Sticker: Which Logo is Best for You


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These are new products I made new mold for a customer in the United Arab Emirates. Regarding the logo, the client chose labeling instead of screen printing.

Compared to Silk Screen Printing, Label Sticker offers several advantages in enhancing the aesthetics of glass perfume bottles:

  1. Labeling allows for the use of various printing techniques, such as digital printing and flexographic printing, enabling a wider range of colors and more intricate patterns. Silk screen printing, due to its process limitations, has restrictions in color and pattern precision.

  2. Labeling offers a choice of different label materials, including transparent, metallic, and suede labels, which can create diverse three-dimensional effects and textures, elevating the overall sophistication of the perfume bottle. Silk screen printing, confined to printing on the glass surface, cannot achieve this level of dimensionality.

  3. Label design and production are relatively convenient, allowing for adjustments and replacements as needed. Silk screen printing requires the creation of screens, making it difficult to modify designs once finalized, thus offering less flexibility.

  4. Labeled perfume bottles can undergo various post-processing treatments, such as hot stamping and embossing, to further enhance their aesthetic appeal. Silk screen printing makes such processing more challenging. However, labeling also has its drawbacks. For instance, the label's adhesion may not be as strong as silk screen printing, and the label material might affect the overall texture of the bottle.

  5. For small-batch perfume bottle production, labeling is often more cost-effective than silk screen printing, as the latter necessitates screen creation and a minimum order quantity.

In conclusion, both labeling and silk screen printing have their respective advantages and disadvantages. The optimal choice depends on the specific circumstances and requirements.

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